Walnut Trees are deciduous trees and grow within Europe, Asia, North Africa and America.
Depending on a walnut tree’s location and age its wood can vary widely in colour. Therefore each wooden watch made out of walnut is truly unique. In its core walnut wood is dark brown, towards the outer area of the trunk it’s colour turns lighter so that it’s partly shimmering in light-grey. A walnut tree’s wood is hard, stable in its form, its fibres are very fine and it ranks among the highest graded woods.


Maple is a deciduous tree and grows in Europe, Asia and North America.
In its colour maple wood is light and white to yellowish, the annual growth rings are clearly visible and contribute to maple woods’ special texture. Maple wood is easy bendable, elastic and yet hard, and therefore highly suitable for producing our wooden watches. Also maple wood is very low in weight and thus highly comfortable to wear.

Red Sandalwood

Red sandalwood trees mainly grow within south-east Asia and are part of a botanical family called Santalum.
As the name suggests, its colour is typically red and partly red-brownish as well as sometimes black-brown towards the rim of its tree trunks. The fibres of red sandalwood are twining and crossing which creates anextraordinary colour pattern within the wooden watch’s texture.


Olive trees are originally native to countries of the Mediterranean Sea and the Middle East but also grow in other regions such as southern Asia and South Africa.
Olive trees are evergreen, slow growing and their wood is very hard. The grain is very pronounced and remarkably individual. In its core olive wood is quite dark and is turning lighter towards the stem’s outer area. The colour pattern is varying in various shades of brown, at times even reminding of the colour of honey.


Cherry trees are rosaceous plants, growing in mixed woodland. Originally native in Europe they are also growing in other areas like North America and Asia.
Cherry wood’s varying colour pattern is very interesting, it is coloured in different tones of red and is a hardwood. Characteristic are also its distinctive visible and lively annual rings, thus making accessories made out of this wood so unique.