You stand on the top of a mountain, let your eyes wander far over the surrounding valleys, lie under a tree and look into the eternally green canopy, lose yourself in the eyes of the person next to you or enjoy the endless expanse of the sea.

Whatever vision, or as it’s said in German “Weitblick”, you want to enjoy – that vision is amazing, fulfills you, opens up new perspectives and is the inspiration for Weitblick sunglasses by Holzspecht.

Sonnenbrille aus Holz Weitblick Olive
Sonnenbrille aus Holz Weitblick

The Weitblick wooden sunglasses impress with simple elegance and polarizing UV-400 lenses for a pleasant color scheme even in high brightness. The lightweight and unisex olive or walnut sunglasses bring you high wearing comfort and are suitable for him and her. Another eye-catcher is the woodpecker “Holzspecht”, which has its place on the outside of the temple piece. Now enjoy the (free) space for more vision and a change in perspective with the wooden sunglasses Weitblick!