Rings from Tungsten

Your ring is made of tungsten, a fascinating material with extraordinary characteristics. Tungsten, or tungsten carbide, as it is also called in its further processing, is:

  • Hypoallergenic
  • Extremely stable
  • Very scratch resistant
  • Highly Durable


Compared to other materials, Tungsten shows hardly any color changes over the course of its wearing time. However, since rings are objects of everyday life and, especially when worn on the hands, a lot of contact with various materials occurs, depending on personal everyday life and performed activities, there may still be signs of wear. Your tungsten ring is much harder than gold or silver rings. Thus, appropriate care is very important so that you can enjoy your ring for as long as possible. Clean and care for your tungsten ring with a little water, gentle soap and a soft cloth so that it remains in its full beauty for a long period of time. Tungsten jewelry is also free of cobalt and nickel and therefore suitable for allergy sufferers.