Holzspecht’s Contribution towards Sustainability

Holzspecht Donates

Holzspecht is dedicated to actively contribute towards sustainability on a social and ecological level. – And by purchasing a wooden watch by Holzspecht you support us in that issue. – Of every wooden watch purchased on our website we donate 2% of the net selling price! We are open to your suggestions, in case you may know an organisation or a project you would like to support, that is advocating sustainability! Please send us your suggestions via e-mail or submit your suggestion to our facebook page www.fb.com/holzspechtuhren.

Thus, by purchasing a wooden watch by Holzspecht, you take part in contributing towards a more socially and ecologically sustainable environment and world – Thank you!!

Sustainable Materials

Holzspecht’s unique wooden watches are made out of different kinds of wood. In selecting the materials we use high quality and sustainability are Holzspecht’s top priority. This is why our wooden watches are solely made out of high quality residual wood. Existing residual wood is used, so that no trees need to be cut down for producing our wooden watches.