Are you looking for unique rings to celebrate a special personal moment, a true highlight of your life, your uniqueness or simply are looking for a strikingly natural piece of jewelry for your everyday life? Regardless of what you are looking for: 

  • Partner rings, engagement rings, wedding rings 
  • Strikingly natural rings with wood for your everyday life 
  • Rings for women and men. 

Holzspecht offers you unique rings that celebrate your occasion and emphasize your uniqueness. The rings made of wood and tungsten, some with multifaceted shell inserts, appeal with their diversity, natural look and high-quality materials: 

  • unique design
  • high-quality materials
  • Hypoallergenic – particularly allergy-friendly
  • Combination of wood and tungsten, some with shell inserts
  • Form stable and scratch-resistant

Now discover your favorites from Holzspecht’s wooden rings Atlas, Veritate, Sirius and Polaris. You have found your ring – then the only question remaining is: which ring size fits? You can find the answer to this with Holzspecht’s simple instructions for determining the appropriate ring size. As soon as you know your ring size, you can select it accordingly when ordering. And then your rings made of wood and tungsten from Holzspecht will be sent to your desired delivery address across the EU free of shipping costs. If you need a ring size larger or smaller: we will take care of the exchange free of charge for you. This guarantees that you have the right ring size.