Waldgoldstern Olive


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  • 33 mm case diameter
  • handmade out of olive
  • high quality Swiss quartz movement
  • wristwatch suitable for woman
  • adjustable wooden watchband
  • lightweight and comfortable to wear
  • allergy-friendly

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The WALDGOLDSTERN (Yellow star-of-bethlehem)

Going for a walk your gaze settles on a flower, nestled on the edge of a forest. Its petals are beaming in a rich yellow. In spring’s bright light they shimmer slightly golden. The gold-yellow petals clearly differ from the green stem and form a striking colour contrast. Shaped like a star, the petals’ form is special too. This delicate, gentle and yet clearly defined flower is our inspiration for Holzspecht’s new wooden watch for women. Thus we named this watch after that special flower: Waldgoldstern.

Holzspecht Holzuhr Waldgoldstern Olive

The hands are delicate and clear in their form, just like the star-shaped petals. The watch dial’s golden enclosure reminds of the petals gold-yellow colour. The contrast between blossoms and stem is found in the harmonious contrast of walnut wood and petrol coloured watch dial. Therefore, when wearing Waldgoldstern, you always have a piece of that delicate yet strong flower with you.

Additional information

wood type



Swiss Movement Ronda 763

case diameter

33 mm

band width

13 mm


28 gr

Only 5 left in stock