Tungsten Ring POLARIS with wood


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  • Ring made of Tungsten
  • Color in Silver
  • Inlay out of Wood
  • 4 mm Ring Width
  • 2,1 mm Ring Thickness
  • allergy-friendly
  • Ring Sizes from 47 – 65 mm

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The Tungsten ring POLARIS impresses with its minimalist, precise design. Two narrow, silver-colored tungsten sections frame a dark wood inlay and express clarity. Let the Tungsten Ring Polaris, inspired by the direction giving Polar star, encourage you as your daily companion to follow your own unique path.

The star Polaris, also called Polar Star or North Star, is a star visible to the naked eye all year round in the northern hemisphere. Polaris stands near the north pole of the sky. It is therefore used as a guide to determine the direction of the geographic North Pole. With the Tungsten Ring POLARIS by Holzspecht you bring a symbol of this guidance into your life that accompanies you on your unique path through life.

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47 mm, 49 mm, 52 mm, 54 mm, 57 mm, 59 mm, 62 mm, 65 mm