Moneyclip DONAU


The DONAU (German word for Danube) is a wonderful and exceptional river that is also flowing through Holzspecht’s home Austria. On its way to its estuary it flows through basin landscapes as well as narrow valleys. On its 2800km journey the Danube is enriching ten (!!) countries with its river landscape – more than any other river, thus proving it is an extraordinary river.

Inspired by the danube

The danube is lifeline for its surroundings and on its river banks one can get a taste of what it means to „be in flow“. – A continuous flow, at times faster other times slower, adapting to various surroundings, being in a state of constant movement and development. That inspired us in designing Moneyclip DONAU, the wooden wallet by Holzspecht. The danube’s unique nature is reflected in Moneyclip DONAU, as these wooden wallets made out of walnut or cherry wood are alos truly unique. And, when looking at DONAU one could almost think to see the danube’s flow and movement within the wood grain. Thus, with DONAU as your compain, you are always „in flow“.