Forest Hike + Spotted Woodpecker = Holzspecht

Holzspecht – that is Veronika and Klaus, two nature and wood-loving partners for life, who create unique wooden watches, sunglasses and moneyclips for unique people just like you who embrace their uniqueness and enjoy it! When designing wooden accessories we do so with love for our main material wood, attention to detail, nature as inspiration as well as a great deal of enthusiasm. Now let us take you on a little journey, letting you in on how a walk through a beautiful forest and a great spotted woodpecker led to Holzspecht:

The Beginning

Our passion for wood started early. Growing up in a wooden house made Veronika fall in  love with that wonderful material. Klaus learned to appreciate nature, trees and their wood during many adventures in the forest as a child. When we both found each other, our passion for wood found its reflection in building our own wooden furniture for our home. And one evening, the series “wooden table, wooden couch, wooden shelf, wooden chair” found its sequel in one question: wooden watch?!

Wooden Watch?!

In the course of many forest hikes – we find being in nature is good for thinking – that question turned into an idea and a “Wooden wachtes? YES!”. When the idea of unique and high-quality wooden accessories became more concrete, the next step was finding a name. So again we headed outdoors, off to the forest for thinking. And on these forest tours we repeatedly were accompanied by spotted woodpeckers. I know, not everyone likes the sound of their knocking on trees, but I like this staccato of nature. And so, surrounded by trees, with the great spotted woodpecker in view, it was clear: that’s it! The combination of our main material wood, with the woodpecker, a bird that loves trees and wood as well and flies with ease from one tree to the next! However in German the word for spotted woodpecker – funny enough – doesn’t even include wood, it’s just “Specht” (like just “pecker”), and the word for wood is Holz. So we made our own German creation by putting the two together:


With that name, it quickly became clear what would become our sign, our image for Holzspecht. We should actually frame our first, basic drawing of our Holzspecht bird. And just as the great spotted woodpecker has accompanied us in the forest, the Holzspecht-bird accompanies our wooden accessories with its lightness and love for trees, for wood. You will find the Holzspecht bird on the crown of Waldgoldstern, the back of Wildensteiner, on the side of the sunglasses‘ temples, or on the front of Moneyclip Donau.

You will always find it, our Holzspecht-bird. Why? Because we wish it also brings lightness, freedom and the joy for the unique to you. Let the Holzspecht-brid, elegantly placed on your favorite wooden accessory, acompany you in your life and let it bring you ease, freedom and joy for the unique so that you embrace and highlight your uniqueness!


The source of inspiration for our unique wooden accessories is nature, love for embracing uniqueness and the uniqueness of the people wearing our wooden accessories. For creating Holzspecht’s first wooden watch series we took inspiration in the Dachstein, a mountain very dear to us: Veronika, originally from Upper Austria, met the Styrian Klaus in Salzburg, and by now Styria is our home and the Dachstein is the mountain that is connecting these three Austrian federal provinces and thus is connecting both our life’s and Holzspecht’s history.


Full of enthusiasm, we live Holzspecht and take great pleasure in creating unique wooden accessories for you to emphasize and celebrate your uniqueness and those of your loved ones. From the bottom of our hearts, we wish you and your loved one at least as much pleasure with wooden accessories by Holzspecht as part of your unique life story!

A great spotted woodpecker has brought Holzspecht into our life. What wonderful moments, unique experiences and special moments will Holzspecht bring into your life with your favorite wooden watch, sunglasses and wooden wallet?

Many Greetings,

Veronika and Klaus