that is Veronika and Klaus, nature- and wood-loving partners for life, who, through embracing uniqueness, love for detail and the main materials wood and a huge portion of enthusiasm create unique wooden accessories for unique people.

Growing up in a wood house and with many adventures outdoors and in the forest we developed a special connection to/with nature and wood early on. That joy remained and grew even more when building furniture out of wooden fruit boxes and pallets for our home. Out of that passion a question arose: “What about watches made out of wood?”. During some forest hikes – we think, outdoors new thoughts develop especially well – that idea grew and matured.

The Beginning of Holzspecht

Then we decided: “Wooden watches? YES, we make that happen!!”. And as, when hiking through the forests, we often were accompanied by spotted woodpeckers we chose Holzspecht as our company, combining the German word for wood “Holz” and for the spotted pecker “Specht”. Those encounters with the spotted woodpecker then inspired us for our Logo-bird, joining the spotted woodpecker and our main material wood.


The source of inspiration for our unique wooden accessories is nature, our joy in uniqueness and embracing it as well as the uniqueness of the people wearing our wooden accessories. For our first wooden watch collection we took inspiration in the Dachstein, a special mountain that is very dear to us: Veronika, originally from Austria, met Klaus, being from Styria, in Salzburg. By now our home is in beautiful Styria and the Dachstein is the mountain, that is connecting Upper Austria, Styria and Salzburg and thus is also connecting both our life- and our Holzspecht-story.

We are so happy, delighted and enthusiastically living our Holzspecht story through embracing uniqueness and creating wooden accessories for you, that are emphasising your uniqueness. With all our heart we wish you as much joy and delight, when wooden accessories by Holzspecht become part of your unique life story.